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Attract and retain talent with Kinside

Kinside is a child care flexible spending account that eliminates the claims process and provides a Venmo-like experience for paying care providers, while offering you the option to contribute to child care expenses.

We help you stand out as a modern company that recognizes the importance of family by easing the mental burden of child care, helping to attract a diverse team, and retaining talent when they face the cost of child care.

How it works

Child Care FSA

Whether you already offer an FSA, or are looking to start a new benefit, we will assess your eligibility to offer your employees up to $5,000 in pre-tax dollars — and give your employees access to an easy-to-use child care FSA.

Child Care Payments

Allow employees to pay child care providers directly from their Kinside account with a simple tap of the button. We offer a modern child care FSA that allows employees to pay their care providers with accrued FSA funds, instead of submitting a reimbursement.

Employer Contributions

Option to design a program to partially subsidize child care expenses for your employees. For many companies this subsidy can be offered as a pre-tax benefit.

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